Client: Sirvintos district municipality administration
Project: Year 2016
Project prepared with company UAB “Irdaiva”

___Sports complex in Sirvintos is the beginning of the town’s renewal which will liven the lives of its residents by providing them with new entertainment and fun ways to spend their time. The volume of the designed building and its planning solution is incorporated according to the specific features of the developed area and global trends. Construction stages are planned according to the main flows of people and the natural environment, by representing the new structure. From the south western side of the territory, driving through Totorių Street, there will be a huge glass plane “shining” by the side of Sirvintos pond. This plane will emphasize the pool area, as if expressing the purpose of the building, what we might find inside the building and as if inviting people inside and interesting them with its interior. This is probably the only such large glass plane oriented to the east, so that the pool area is never short of light and warmth.
___The building is designed in a way that would enable it to have minimum unused and unnecessary space. It is no coincidence that the main entrances were designed in the middle of the building. Entrances in the middle of the building were designed in order to separate the pool and sports areas. From changing rooms in the middle of the building, the flow of people is distributed evenly in all directions.
___Facilities installed during the first construction stage are designed for administration, staff and trainers. This area will also include a cafe which is integrated in the main hall – reception. The hall has an area with soft benches where people will be able to rest. Part of the hall is designed for children. The cafe will have its own kitchen area. Domestic – sanitary facilities are provided for cafe guests and employees – sanitary points, a room for cleaning equipment.
___During the first stage, it is planned to build a 25-meter swimming pool with 4 tracks, which will be designed according to FINA requirements. In addition to the swimming pool, the pool area will also include a children’s pool and a relaxing Jacuzzi. A bath area is also designed and will include a steam room, sauna and Russian bath.
___The second construction stage will include a universal gym, rooms for aerobics and exercise sessions, as well as locker rooms for sportsmen. Facilities for trainers and judges will also be installed to the latter.