Client: Silute district municipality administration
Project: Year 2015

___The sports and leisure building being designed will join the urban environment of Silute Town as a bright touch in terms of its scope. This phenomenon will not only expand the borders of the quality of life of a harmonious society in the urban environment, but it will also undoubtedly form a new architectural environment. Therefore both natural and cultural aspects are taken into consideration when designing the volume of the building with its scope defined by its function.
The functional layout of the building is based on the present gym building and the requirement to prepare a project for two phases of construction.
___The first phase of the construction will focus on reconstruction of the present building (the gym) in order to equip:
– on the first floor: a 25-metre long, 4-track pool; a bathhouse complex; 4 different purpose bath facilities; a children’s pool; a Jacuzzi; a recreational water area; a gym for powerlifters; a gym with fitness facilities; aerobics and yoga rooms; a SPA centre with a pool; 7 double rooms; a café.
– on the second floor: a SPA area with massage as well as physical therapy facilities and a salt room; a relaxation room with 2 baths; area for athletes (a running track, two Eastern martial arts rooms, a boxing ring); a conference centre with a separate entrance, a mini kitchen, and a bathroom; a methodical room; a children’s playroom. Mobile partitions could be used for division of the area for athletes into three rooms, whenever necessary. The conference centre with a separate entrance, a mini kitchen, and a bathroom can operate independently from other areas. The planned capacity of the complex in terms servicing customers is up to 150 customers at the same time.
___A multi-purpose gym would be designed during the second phase of construction. The gym would be designed in a manner to enable 3 teams train at the same time, i.e. 3 areas at the size of a basket ball court would be formed by separating them with sports blinds. The same method may also be applied in order to get 2 outdoor tennis courts. Besides these two sports, the gym would be used for other sports as well: futsal, handball, badminton, volleyball, various gymnastics exercises. 1100 seats for the audience have been planned. VIP grandstands, administrative and operator premises would be planned on the second floor.