Client: Sports center of Joniskis
Project: Year 2016
Project prepared with company UAB “AEXN”

____The land plot reserved for construction of the Complex is located in the central part of Joniškis, which is well developed in terms of urban and engineering facilities. The building itself is being designed by taking into consideration the existing system of public spaces in Joniškis Town, the particularities of the urban structure, and the urban surroundings. The building is being designed as a new landmark in the territory and an easily accessible local attraction for the public.
____Facade decoration of the building being designed: a glass facade system, single-layer opaque glass profilite with decorative aluminium joints and inserts, aluminium tin parapet. A minimum quantity of materials, textures, and colours has been selected in order to create an impression of monumentality, transparency, and lightness of the building. The purpose of using glass planes for the facade is to create a visual correlation of the indoors and outdoors of the public space which is needed for this type of buildings.
____The building being designed is planned to be a two-floor structure without a basement thus ensuring a maximum degree of compactness. The functional structure of the Complex being designed has been planned by taking into consideration the specifics of the building and the objective of designing. The project includes three major functional units (blocks) connected to each other via controlled borders, vertical and horizontal functional joints: a) a multi-purpose gym with a total capacity of 500 seats available for the audience on the transformable stands, lounges and a café for guests on the first floor; b) locker rooms for athletes (and guests), the administration with office premises on the first floor; c) training premises and gyms with locker rooms on the second floor.
____The gym on the first floor may be rearranged to meet multi-purpose needs, i.e. the space available for organization of competitions may be adjusted depending on the type of competition. The gym may be divided into three/ two parts, thus enabling a variety of scenarios for application of the gym and maximum intensity of its use.
____Besides the premises planned to be equipped for aerobics, yoga, martial arts, gyms on the second floor, there would also be boxes for the audience enabling them to directly watch the action in the big hall on the first floor. Moreover, the boxes could be rearranged into two meeting and try-out premises whenever necessary. Premises intended for meetings and a multi-purpose conference hall has been designed at the end of the corridor on the second floor.
____Estimated maximum capacity of the leisure and sports complex is 728 people at the same time.