Client: Sanatorium “BELORUS”
Project: Year 2010
Realization: Year 2013

____Sanatorium “BELORUS” was built in 1978; it is located in the central part of the resort Druskininkai situated in the south of the Republic of Lithuania, within the forest-park area at the Nemunas River. The owner of sanatorium complex is the Board of the Presidential Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. The aim of the project is the introduction of the most recent water health-resorts and mud therapy technology solutions in sanatorium. Sanatorium buildings are interconnected by the passages at the second floor level.
____A dressing room, WC, utility rooms, reception will be installed at the main entrance on the ground floor; the space between the stairs will have lifts for people with disabilities, hydro-massage facilities with changing-rooms, reception for visitors, circulation showers, inventory cleaning facility, extensible stretching bathrooms with dressing-rooms and showers from 2 to 4 baths, mud couches and universal bathrooms with dressing-rooms installed; dressing-rooms with showers and WC for sanatorium visitors will be rearranged; 15-place Jacuzzi will be installed in the small swimming pool; a lift for people with disabilities will be installed at one staircase. This new wing will be equipped with mud couches and mud baths with changing-rooms and shower rooms, mud bowl and steam bath with changing-rooms and showers for total number of visitors – 22; and the towel storage room.
____The second floor will be equipped with a gym, two staff rest rooms, inventory cleaning room, reception for visitors, rising shower, four-chamber bathroom, hydro-massage facilities with changing-rooms, inventory and inventory cleaning facilities, WC, massage rooms with dressing-rooms and showers, Russian bath with dressing-room, a complex of baths with Russian bath and dressing-room, sauna, Turkish bath will be installed at the swimming pool; Hammam will be set up between the sauna and Turkish bath; a balcony around the swimming pool will be glazed. The newly designed wing will host a relaxation room with green areas, a bar and mineral water pump-room.