Client: Raseiniai District Municipality Administration
Project: Year 2013

___Raseiniai Sports Complex is designed for two major functions: for sports and spending leisure time. Phases of construction are planned. Construction of a multi-purpose gym with locker rooms and training rooms has been planned for the first phase of construction, whereas construction of water entertainment center with a 25-meter long, 4-track swimming pool has been planned for the second phase. The building for the pool would be built during the first phase. The designing should make sure the part of the building constructed during the first phase could be operated within the course of implementation of the work during the second phase and this would not impede implementation of the construction work.
___Designing of the complex during the first phase (multipurpose hall) consists of two levels. A group of premises for the major functions, consisting of a multi-purpose hall (1 floor, approximately 8-m high) with 500-seat transformable viewing stands for the audience have been planned on the first level. The second level includes planning of a gym with fitness facilities and aerobics room, individually joined with the service premises in order to prevent intersection of the paths of the people, who come here to exercise, and the ones, who come here as spectators.
___The pool and the water entertainment center are designed as a single-floor structure and it is blocked to the corridor of the multi-purpose hall which would serve as a joint between the phases and separate-divide the people exercising in the gym rooms and the pool. Unlike the hall building, the part of the building with the pool is designed with a cellar intended for the underground facilities of the pool and technical premises.