Client: Kelmė District Municipality Administration
Project: Year 2012
Implementation: Year 2012

___UAB “Tiksli forma” prepared a simplified project for reconstruction of the beach volleyball court within the territory of Park “Draugystė” in Kelmė Town based on the task for designing prepared by the Client, i.e. Kelmė Eldership of Kelmė District Municipality Administration.
___The purpose of the project planned for implementation is sports and leisure time activities, organization of competitions. The main goal for development of sports and active recreational area is to establish proper conditions for the local people to engage in sports and play beach volleyball as well as to expand their options in terms of spending their leisure time, to encourage them to exercise more and take care of their health. Organization of official beach volleyball competitions is planned on the reconstructed court in this way attracting residents and visitors of the Town. Since more sports grounds are planned to be equipped in the adjacent plots within the territory of the Park in accordance with the detailed map, including the current sports football stadium with running tracks, therefore the beach volleyball court is being designed as an integral element, taking the entire territory into consideration.
___A list of the buildings being designed: warehouse for storage of the inventory (3 x 3 m), beach volleyball courts (4 units, total area: 1728 sq. m), segmented fence: 235 m (h = 2.00 m), modular lightweight structure viewing stands for the audience (200 seats).
All buildings and facilities are vandal-proof. A lightweight structure fence would be built in order to ensure security of the territory.