Contest coordinator: Vilnius city savivaldybės administracija
Contest proposals: 2015

____Shape of the building was inspired by the elements on the slope and natural frame located in the northern part of the plot – planting. The roof sinking toward Erfurt Street echoes the naturally formed in relief and emphasizes the conceptual metaphor of the “Wave”. At the same time the main facade visually going downwards without obscuring the park so as to integrate the object into the natural frame at the maximum and ensure visual contacts with him from Erfurt Street and adjacencies. Roof slope southwards enables solar collectors to use its area at the maximum, increasing its cost-effectiveness, highlighting its innovation and modern relationship with renewable resources and environmentally friendly technologies. As a result, the building is designed as a unique object tailored only for this place. But at the same time, the architecture of the building is aimed at emphasis of its uniqueness, and to ensure its typological identity. White, sunny decoration of facades and expressive shapes correspond to the function and image requirements of such type of public object. Irregular, geometrized splitting of facades stands out from the surrounding environment, complementing the architectural complex of existing and still unfinished public centre of Lazdynai neighbourhood.
___Two swimming pools of 50 * 25 and 25 * 20 swimming pools meeting the requirements of FINA and parameters of high-speed Olympic swimming pool are going to be built according to the design task. A sliding partition allowing the division of the pool into two pools for trainings is planned to be installed in the great swimming pool, and both are going to be equipped with uplift bottoms. The area of two baths for the visitors of swimming pools is intended to be built near the swimming pools.